March 7, 2016

After three months (March 7, 2016) from the death of Rosanna Chiessi, President of the Shozo Shimamoto Association, we would like to remember her with great regret for her human qualities, generosity, and as a figure of reference, during decades, for several generations of people who have come closer to the world of art, ending up with a passion, and experimenting different forms of creativity, thanks to the important contribution and the many initiatives that she organized.
Her vitality and ability to establish authentic relations with people have conquered the protagonists of the avant-garde of the second half of the twentieth century. She worked with the most important figures of the Fluxus movement, of the Viennese Actionism, and from the beginning of 2000 she established a close relation with the Gutai group, especially with the great master Shozo Shimamoto.
Rosanna Chiessi is a protagonist of the art world. She has worked in different cultural fields, as a gallery owner, publisher, and cultural entrepreneur. Through its Archive “Pari & Dispari” she promoted a considerable number of artists, producing rare editions, exhibitions, installations, concerts; she took part in important international exhibitions and performances among Reggio Emilia, Bologna, Capri, Berlin, Rome, Basel, Madrid, Napoli etc. In 2005 Rosanna Chiessi got in touch with the Japanese art movement GUTAI and founded, in 2007, with Peppe Morra and Shozo Shimamoto “The Shimamoto Association" with the aim of certifying, promoting, and supporting the work of the Japanese master, producing some of the performances that have made Shimamoto famous all over the world.