Shōzō Shimamoto

Group Show

1978 Art 78 Stouchi Exhibition, Ehime prefecture, Ehime, Japan

1977 What are you doing now?, Tokyo Museum, Tokyo, Japan

1976 Today’s Notion of Space, Municipal Gallery of Art, Yokohama, Japan

1976 Japan Now, Kaplikon Gallery, Embassy Gallery, San Francisco, USA

1976 Eighteen Years of Gutai Art, Prefectural Gallery, Osaka, Japan

1975 Artists’ Union Group, Tokyo and Osaka, Japan; San Francisco, USA

1972 Seventeen Years of Gutai Art, Gutai Mini Pinacotheca, Nakanoshima, Osaka, Japan

1970 Japan Expo ’70-Garden on Garden, Expo Museum, Osaka, Japan

1970 An Exhibition of Prints by Eight Artists, Iteza Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

1969 IX Contemporary Japanese Art Exhibition, Museum of the City, Tokyo, Japan

1968 The 21st Gutai Art Exhibition, Gutai Pinacotheca, Osaka, Japan

1968 The 20th Gutai Art Exhibition, Gutai Pinacotheca, Osaka, Japan