Shōzō Shimamoto


The Shozo Shimamoto Association was founded in Italy and Japan in 2007 by Rosanna Chiessi, Laura Montanari and Giuseppe Morra with the aim of promoting and supporting the artistic research of Shozo Shimamoto, not only through the production of catalogues, videos and documentaries, but also by holding some of the performances that have made him world famous.

Along with this artistic production, the Shozo Shimamoto Association has engaged in a critical and historiographical study of the Master’s work, as well as the organisation and management of a general archive, also thanks to the help of Andrea Mardegan working in Japan.
This exhibition is part of our on-going work, creating an ideal opportunity for critical and expository dialogue between the youthful work of the nineteen-fifties and what the Master is producing today. It is a dialogue that takes place in time, because it concerns two moments separated by fifty years, but also separated in space. Whereas Shimamoto’s fifties were spent in the East, in Japan, the first decade of the twenty-first century has been mainly Western, because it is here that the Master has done some of his most important performances.

The dialectic between these two historical moments tells the story of a singular, important and unique artistic process. In the fifties, Shimamoto began to work as a painter, and in the name of a new conception and practice of painting he began to focus on action, which gradually turned into performance. On the other hand, the large-scale Italian performances of the last few years have gone in the opposite direction: they use large sets with their own visual independence, reflected in the creation of works which are the result of that representative public moment. A comparison of works so diverse, the decision to showcase the representative moment, documenting it as an independent and important event, is a way to penetrate Shimamoto’s poetic world better and more deeply, to understand not only its value but also its transformation over time.

East and West, painting and performance, the fifties and the twenty-first century: the exhibition at Palazzo Magnani and the catalogue which documents it aim to relate this dialectic and this journey. The living testimony of an artist whose strength is life, vitality and respect for existence, an artistic and human creed that has led to his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.



The Shozo Shimamoto Archive is composed of a group of scholars chosen for their profound knowledge of Shozo Shimamoto’s work and tied to the artist by a relationship of esteem, work and friendship, with the aim of conserving the appreciation and memory of the artist’s work in its creative multiplicity.

For the authentication of artwork it is necessary to send the following to the Shozo Shimamoto Archive:
– 3 color prints (approx. 18×24 cm) of the front of the artwork
– 1 color print (approx. 18×24 cm) of the back of the artwork
– In presence of a signature or autograph inscriptions 1 color print of the detail is required
– Specifications form
– In the case of a request by the Archive of the original artwork, attach the On Show Specifications form

Please also attach the receipt of the successful bank transfer and the fiscal information required for the invoice.
The archive can begin the evaluation of the materials only if it possesses all required documentation.

Download the authentication forms here:

authentication forms